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Best Neighborhoods in the U.S for Gay Men to Live

Our cities and states usually dictate how we can be true to ourselves at our workplace and in the communal setting. America is very divided regarding the acceptance of the LGBT community. Regions like Texas don’t show love for gay men.

Although the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015, Texas still doesn’t welcome it with open arms.  But there are other safe places for the LGBT community in America, where they’ll not judge you if they found out the number of times you log into vporn Here are a few.

New York

New York City is the ultimate LGBT travel destination. It legalized same-sex marriage was back in 2011, even without being coerced by the federal government. It hosts the largest LGBTQ parades and has some of the most famous gay and lesbian bars. Guys can get to hang out at Hell’s Kitchen where a lot of gay guys spend their time. So, you might not be the only person who watches gay porn in these streets. Lesbians can hang out at Henrietta Hudson in the village, which is one of the three remaining lesbian bars in the five boroughs.

To show its acceptance for the LGBT community, a monument dedicated to LGBT citizens was erected in downtown Manhattan.

It’s not just Manhattan that welcomes the LGBT community with open arms. In Brooklyn, Park Slope, Bushwick and Williamsburg gay-friendly areas are on the rise. Queens hosts ‘Queens Pride’ a festival that helps usher in pride month across the entire city.

The Castro, San Francisco

This neighborhood serves as a landmark for the struggles and gains of the gay community. It grabbed the attention of Americans back in the late ‘60s, as being one of America’s first gay neighborhoods. It is home to the largest LGBTQ population identified per capita and continues to serve as a center for activism and LGBTQ events. Visitors of all orientations are welcomed to The Castro.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles

This is definitely one of the most established LGBTQ communities in the U.S. It is located in the heart of Los Angeles and stands out due to the fact that nearly 40% of its populations identify as LGBTQ. Gay Porn is not frowned upon here. It offers a welcoming environment that has grown based on the needs of the community. Here’s the icing in the cake: it is home to ‘The Abbey’ one of the most famous gay bars in the world. Moreover, it has one of the world-famous nightlife escapades and hosts and LGBTQ arts festival whose them is One City One Pride.

Boystown, Chicago

The neighborhoods nickname might already be a dead giveaway, but it welcomes all genders and sexualities. It is the first recognized gay village in the United States that has an active and visible gay and lesbian community. Gay porn actors hang around here a lot as well. It won’t be that much of a coincidence if you meet people you’ve seen on vporn in Boystown.

Montrose Houston

There’s a diverse gay scene in Montrose, a ‘gayborhood’ that has been identified to have a soft spot for gay people since the 1960s. Houston is a pretty gay-friendly city, but its main gayborhood is located in Montrose. As for where you should live, it’s up to you to and the budget you have, anywhere inside the loop is fine as long as you don’t mind driving a short distance.