The acceptance and legalization of homosexuality by society is widespread in many countries for the past few decades. In 2000, the Netherlands was the first country to perform and legalize same-sex marriage followed by 26 more countries. Germany was recent to do so in 2017.

Indeed, many cities from the different part of the world are now open for gay visitors. If this is your first single or couple gay vacation, here are the places you have to see;


California is also highly supportive of gays and lesbians. The fact that the city is ruled by love and celebration of diversity, gay couples can make sex and get married with no objection from the other people or from the government. Gay travelers can check out the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, the hot springs in Palm Springs and the beaches in San Diego.


Gays are respected and given appreciation in Berlin. It is known as the gay capital of Europe because it has the largest population of gays in the country. Spend some days with your friends or other half to experience the coolest gay events, festivals and parties.


Just like California, Miami is widely chosen by married or single gays to make fun and enjoy their vacation. The city ranked highest for largest LGBTQ communities and travelers in the world. The mixed weather of the city and lots of other gay-friendly establishments such as bars, hotels and beaches had been the reason to attract their wide population.


Dubbed as one of the most liberal cities in the world, Amsterdam is indeed a proud country that supports LGBT community and travelers. Throughout the city, you will find a lot of gays and gay businesses. This city got developed the concept of homosexuality in 1900. The government of the city allows people to enjoy same-sex relationships. Bars, cruise clubs, hotels, saunas and nightlife are some of the top things you should do.