Lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual a.k.a LGTB have existed for so many years ago. Learning their history, there are so many iconic and valuable LGTB people who helped change the world, or had shared something exhilarating even under excruciating discriminations. LGTB people are more open to the world nowadays, and you will be surprised to learn that long time ago when society was not open to these genders, there were already great LGTB people who helped changed the world.

Here are some of the notable people in the history of LGTB rights:

  1. Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a British Mathematician, a scientist, founder of computer science, and a gay man before his time. When the British government found that he was gay, he was arrested and castrated a punishment for being gay. He committed suicide by ingesting cyanide.

  1. Barbara Gittings

Lesbian Barbara Gittings fought out of the street and spearheaded a movement which changed the psychological and psychiatric profession’s view of LGTB as a mental pathology. In 1973, homosexuality was deleted in the list of mental disorders.

  1. Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is a politician who fought for a political system in America. He was then the standard-bearer of the so-called gay liberation movement. He was able to help in staving off the BriggsInitiative, which would bar gay educators from teaching in California’s public schools. He was assassinated in 1978.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres

Who doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres? She is a well-known actor, producer, talk-show host, and most of all, a comedian. When she was still not “out-of-the-closet”, there were a lot of speculations and news about how she would follow the lead of the real-life lesbian she was portraying in her show. Then, she made her coming-out in one of her Ellen’s episode, which was widely viewed, in a very casual and funny way. Until now, she is still fighting for what she feels and believes on behalf of the LGTB community.