If you are looking for the grandest, festive and very colorful event in the world, you can surely look up something in the event list of LGBT community. These events remind us to honor equality and sexual diversity all over the world.

  1. New York City Pride

New York City is considered as the LGBT landmark, therefore it is the best place to start digging. Gay pride events in this city are celebrated every June of the year honoring the Stonewalls Riot of 1969 and the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movements. It also includes events which aim to fight and make LGBT community aware of AIDS and other illnesses.

  1. Tel Aviv Pride

Israel is one of the countries in Asia where same-sex activities were legalized, year 1988. Tel Aviv Pride is the countries week-long festivity celebrating LGTB community life. It is one of the most extravagant and lavish gay pride celebrations in the world attended by different races yearly.

  1. Amsterdam Pride

The highlight of Amsterdam Pride is the Canal Parade which starts from Armstel towards Prinsengracht. The event is filled with dancing, music, speeches, arts, and athletic events. The two of its famous events are the PrideWalk and Rainbow activities. It is also a week-long event every year and you have check its calendar to see when it will fall this year.

  1. Stockholm Pride

The largest pride festival in Scandinavia since 1998 is the Stockholm Pride. This event is organized in Pride House were debates, speeches, workshops, exhibitions, film screening, and other cultural events are happening.

  1. London Pride

Many years ago, being homosexual was against the law of in England. Last year, it has been 50 years since this law was decriminalized. It was a very significant year for the LGBT community, so they had Pride in London Parade which has been very festive, meaningful, and full of strength.